COVID Confessions of a Pastor

In this short video, Pastor Mark gets real about the craziness of being cooped-up at home, being a jerk to your family, and finding ways to stay sane. Take a minute to hear these honest and encouraging words.


iTunes: Search “Pastor Mark Reynolds” in podcast app.

Twitter: @revmarkreynolds

2 thoughts on “COVID Confessions of a Pastor

  1. Dear Pastor Mark,
    Your video has inspired me! As of right now, I have decided to leave behind my apartment with 3 raccoons and an opossum named El Gregory De La Cinco and become a monk in the mountains of Atlantis. Your words are like a bison… with a monocle and tophat. Thank you for helping me overcome my fear of umbrellas and the phenomenon known as rain!

    PS If you haven’t figured out who left this, you can always message anyone you believe would type out something this absurd to make you laugh.


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