New Life in Christ Booklet

This little booklet is ideal for people who want to better understand their decision to follow Jesus and are looking for their next steps on the path of discipleship. For more information, a sample copy, or to place orders, contact Pastor Mark:

New Life in Christ Cover


 “Mark Reynolds has written a resource every pastor longs for–a booklet to give to those who make or renew a commitment to Christ.  Good spiritual guides know that such people need immediate counsel and encouragement in order to continue the journey.  Mark’s pastoral experience enables him to offer this much-needed gift to the Church.  I hope it will be used widely across the Body of Christ.”

–Dr Steve Harper, Retired Professor of Spiritual Formation and Elder in The United Methodist Church.

“As a pastor, I was often trying to find material for the person who just made a decision to be a follower of Jesus. Mark Reynolds has written a very helpful book which guides a person in the next steps to discipleship. I think many persons will be guided in helpful ways by this book.”

–Richard J. Wills, Jr. Bishop (Retired) The United Methodist Church

“At Van Dyke Church, we love helping people take next steps in their faith journey. That’s why we give New Life In Christ, to everyone who surrenders to Jesus Christ in our weekend worship services. It equips new believers with a fuller understanding of their decision, and it gives them confidence for moving to the next level of engagement in our church. I am grateful for this clear, concise and thoroughly Wesleyan resource written by Mark Reynolds.”

–Rev. Matthew Hartsfield, Lead Pastor of Van Dyke Church (Lutz, FL)

“Kudos Mark!  As a United Methodist pastor, many people in the congregations where I’ve served ask questions like, “What does it mean to be saved?” “How do I know I’m a Christian?” or “Now what do I do since I’ve made a decision to follow Jesus?”  New Life in Christ gives clear and concise answers to these questions. Yes! Salvation is a dynamic process that is lived each day of our lives and not just a static one-time decision.  This gold mine of information teaches us some important steps in the journey.”

–Rev. Douglas Townley, Executive Pastor, First United Methodist Church (St. Petersburg, FL)

“As a pastor for nearly 30 years, I have long believed that someone should create a brief, inexpensive booklet based on sound Biblical and Wesleyan teaching that could be given to new believers to help them launch their faith journey. I had always meant to do this myself, but now Mark Reynolds has done it for me! This little book can be shared individually, but would also work well as a discussion starter for a new believers’ class. I’m pleased to recommend it to you.”

— John Gill – Pastor of First United Methodist Church (Cocoa, FL)

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