Don’t Scare the Hell Out of People, Love the Hell Out of Them

Many Christians are concerned about loved one’s who don’t embrace their faith (or particular brand of Christianity). Some are fearful that if their spouse, child, or friend doesn’t “get saved” that they might suffer an untimely death and go to hell. Others are fearful that their loved ones are suffering unnecessary pain and missing the peace and joy that come from following Jesus. In this message, I invite you to consider how being overly concerned with your loved one going to hell could be grounded in bad theology that myopically focuses on the judgment and wrath of God. I also suggests that this focus on fear and judgment can actually lead to counter-productive ways of sharing our faith that actually push people away and make it less likely for them to become a follower of Jesus. In contrast, if we focus on helping people find real healing, forgiveness, love, and joy in the here and now, then this will lead us to share our faith in ways that actually work. The goal is not scare the hell out of people with threats of divine punishment (which never leads to lasting transformation), but to love the hell out of people by being the heart, hands, feet and voice of the most compassionate man to walk the face of the earth–Jesus Christ. If you really want to help someone receive the good news of the gospel, then check out this message!

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